Distribution and Underground

Energized Community Distribution Services

Victor Energy has been providing distribution maintenance services in Norway, Poland and Croatia since 2013 and Western Canada since 2003. With an extensive team of experienced personnel, we are prepared to take on extensive maintenance and rebuild programs, as well as construction projects across Europe and North America. Victor Energy draws on a large body of experienced and certified craftsmen, with a specialty in working in restrictive areas, live line conditions, and under outage timelines with excellent workmanship.

Overhead and Underground Distribution Services


A full suite of overhead services, from salvaging existing services, to pole inspection, conductor replacement, insulator and hardware change out, aerial fibre installation and energized maintenance services.


Trenching, installation of cabling, fibre and cable trays, transformers, cabinets, pedestals, junction boxes and commercial connections.

Emergency Support

Support availability for storm restoration and emergency restoration.

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