Engineering excellence, optimized design, and constructability

Victor Energy offers a complete range of engineering services for transmission lines and substations, and we have extensive experience in the delivery of traction substations for rapid rail applications. We have full EPC capability and have executed projects under UCTE and North American Grids.

Energy Infrastructure Engineering Services

Transmission Line Engineering
  • Project analysis and cost forecasting
  • Transmission line conductor selection
  • Transmission line routing
  • Transmission line optimization and structure selection
  • Transmission line foundation design and selection
  • Transmission line design in PLS-CADD
  • Construction work method analysis
  • Engineered construction solutions
  • Technical verification, material specifications for procurement
Substation Engineering
  • Station layout and design
  • HV Equipment selection
  • SCADA design and coordination
  • Bus layout and optimization
  • Grounding analysis and design
  • Construction and commissioning sequencing
  • Technical verification, material specifications for procurement

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