110 kV cable Sušak to Orehovica

Construction of 110 kV cable from S/S Sušak to junction Orehovica (Croatia)

The scope of work involved laying of 5,9km of 110 kV cable

Victor Energy successfully completed the laying of 110 kV cable from Sušak substation to Orehovica junction for HOPS. Works were safely and successfully performed in the vicinity of high traffic roads in the city of Rijeka.

HOPS was in the process of high voltage cable connections optimization in the city of Rijeka. Due to its terrain and road configuration, a high voltage underground electrical solution was required. Furthermore, the project required extensive road closure coordination and traffic management to ensure public safety.

Construction of the new 110 kV cable line included:

  • Cable section length 1,98 km
  • Total cable laid 5,93 km
  • Cable type XLPE 1×1000 mm2 Al / 95 mm2 Cu
  • Number of cable joints – 12
  • Number of cable terminations – 6
  • Underground optical cable laid 2,36 km
  • Performed testing for cable line, EM field measurements, grounding system, and telecommunication line interference

The scope of work involved laying of 5,9km of 110 kV cable (1,98km line route) including;

  • Surveying
  • Excavation and civil works, including concreting and installation of cable ducts
  • Laying of 110 kV cable
  • Laying of underground optical cable
  • Road closure and traffic management during construction
  • Relocation of existing infrastructure (water supply, electricity, telecommunications, sewers)
  • Asphalt works
  • Testing and commissioning

The project was successfully completed between October 2018 and September 2020.  

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