110/15 kV Towarowa Substation

Construction of the 110/15 kV Towarowa substation (Poland)

Works on the project started in January 2020 and are planned to finish by February 2022.

Construction of 110/15 kV Towarowa substation and reconstruction of 110/15 kV Poznań Główna substation to improve the power supply to the city of Poznań is an investment undertaking of Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. and it was implemented with co-financing from EU funds (Infrastructure and Environment Fund and European Regional Development Fund).

Victor Energy was able to provide the client with a project management group that was experienced in every aspect of engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of their project which helped translate this project into a reality for the city of Poznań.

The 110/15kV Towarowa substation construction was required to expand the grid in the city of Poznań, and act as a distribution point for energy for the city center.  Our qualified staff, experience in obtaining formal and legal permits related to investment, and experience in SF6 GIS systems and their implementation in restrictive settings enables Victor Energy to deliver the work.

The project was a design/build, and the scope included: 

  • Obtaining of construction permits
  • Demolition of existing facilities
  • Development of detailed design
  • Construction of 3-story station building including a 5-bay 110kV Switch gear with SF6 GIS, 60-bay 15kV switchgear with SF6 GIS, cable tray and associated 110kV/15kV cable installation
  • Transportation, assembly and installation of two three-winding 110/15kV transformers with a capacity of 40MVA each
  • Transportation, assembly of EAZ devices
  • Installation of protection & monitoring equipment
  • Start up & commissioning of the facility

Additional details of the work:

  • Project form: Turnkey (EPC)
  • Building volume: 5,300 m3
  • Building area: 860m2
  • Number of storeys: 3
  • The height of the station building: low part – 4m, high part 8.5m
  • Building dimensions in plan: 53m x 19m
  • 110kV switchgear type: GIS
  • Length of the MV line: 9 cable entries with a total length of 4 155m
  • HV line length: 2 outlets with a total length of 246m cable lines

The project required extensive communication with regulatory authorities in the city of Poznań due to the proximity of the electrical infrastructure to existing facilities and required a lengthy and precise permitting process. The requirement to rebuild an advanced substation in the tight confines of traditional and historically significant buildings presented a challenge to the city of Poznań to complete.

Works on the project started in January 2020 and are planned to finish by February 2022.

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