110 kV line Moravice to Vrbovsko

Reconstruction of 110 kV Transmission line Moravice – Vrbovsko (Croatia)

Total section length 8,2 km

As a part of the 110 kV transmission line from Vinodol to Rakitje, HOPS was in the process of rebuilding the Moravice – Vrbovsko section which was built in the 1950’s. As the section lifespan was nearing its end, the transmission line reconstruction was necessary to maintain the safety and reliability of the line.

HOPS engaged Victor Energy to rebuild a section of line within a constrained schedule with multiple energized facility hazards that had to be navigated daily. Construction was successfully performed in the vicinity of and under the existing energized lines. The line was completed without serious incident and on schedule.

The scope of work included:

  • Construction of access roads
  • Demolition of existing concrete poles and foundations
  • Construction of new steel reinforced concrete foundations
  • Assembly and erection of new steel lattice towers
  • Installation of safety ladders and anti-falling devices
  • Stringing of conductor and OPGW

Reconstruction works 110 kV transmission line:

  • Total section length 8,2 km
  • Demolition of 10 concrete poles and foundations
  • Construction of 10 new concrete foundations
  • Assembly and erection of 10 new steel lattice towers
  • Procurement of all material
  • Mountainous terrain configuration

Victor Energy successfully completed the Moravice – Vrbovsko transmission line reconstruction project for HOPS between February 2020 and November 2020.

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