North American roots, European focus

In 2012 Adam Budzinski, then President of Valard Construction, was assigned to develop a European business for Quanta Services (NYSE: PWR). To this end operating companies were established and teams developed in Norway, Croatia and Poland. Following Adam’s departure from Valard in August of 2019, the European operations were acquired by Java Holdings Ltd. (“Java”), an Investment and Construction company owned by the Budzinski family. The group was restructured and renamed ‘Victor Energy’.

The European management, engineering, trades, and administrative staff were maintained throughout the transition and continue to operate in the business today. Moving forward, the Java Group continues to invest in Victor Energy with modern equipment, innovative construction practices, and bonding to position Victor Energy as the leading utility infrastructure solutions provider.

In 2022, Victor Energy brought its sister company, Rivard Enterprises (2004) Ltd., under the Victor Energy brand. Rivard brings 20+ years of experience building transmission, underground, and overhead distribution infrastructure across Canada.

Victor Energy plays a key role in Java’s vision of Global Energy Transformation.