400 kV line Storfinnforsen to Midskog

Construction of 400 kV transmission line Storfinnforsen – Midskog (Sweden)

Demolition of 1175 metric tons of steel lattice towers

Svenska kraftnät is rebuilding the world’s oldest 400 kV transmission line between Storfinnforsen and Midskog. This is because several wind power plants are to be built in the area around Sollefteå which requires a stronger national grid. With a new line, Svenska kraftnät will take better advantage of electricity from wind power and the electricity supplied in the area will become more reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Victor Energy is performing works between Storfinnforsen in Sollefteå municipality and Midskog in Ragunda municipality on the line that is to be demolished and replaced by a new line on the route. Towers on the line will mainly be placed in the same locations but with some adjustments, with pre-assembly done under the energized line which requires specific experience in working near high voltage lines that Victor Energy has and is bringing to the project.

Project specifics include:

  • 217 steel lattice towers with guy-wires
  • Decommissioning of approximately 62 km of existing 400 kV transmission line set in two phases during the 400 kV outage periods
  • Significant use of skilled workforce and machinery to meet the strict deadlines and minimize outage periods

The scope of work includes:

  • Demolition works on existing 400 kV transmission lines:
    • Total length 62 km
    • Demolition of 318 separate foundations
    • Demolition of 1175 metric tons of steel lattice towers


  • Construction works on new 400 kV transmission lines:
    • Total length 62 km
    • 558 kilometers of AAAC AL59 910mm2 conductor in total
    • 123 kilometers of optical ground wires in total (OPGW)
    • Assembly and erection of 217 self-supported steel lattice towers with guy wires (over 2100 metric tons of steel)

Works on the project started in September 2020 and are planned to finish by July 2022.

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